Levels are important pieces of the game.

Level Progression Edit

SPOILER ALERT! This section has spoilers. Make sure you have completed the game atleast once.

Temple of Zukulkan Edit

Door 1 Edit

  1. Spiral of Doom
  2. Osprey Talon
  3. Riverbed Mosaic
  4. Breath of Ehecatl
  5. Dark Vortex

Door 2 Edit

  1. When Spirals Attack
  2. Mud Slide
  3. Rorschach
  4. Mouth of Centeotl
  5. Snake Pit

Door 3 Edit

  1. Landing Pad
  2. Altar of Tlaloc
  3. Codex of Mixtec
  4. Shrine of Quetzalcoatl
  5. Mirror Serpent

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